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Engineered metabolic pathways often suffer from flux imbalances that can overburden the cell and accumulate intermediate metabolites, resulting in reduced product titers. One way to alleviate such imbalances is to adjust the expression levels of the constituent enzymes using a combinatorial expression library. Typically, this approach requires(More)
Eukaryotic cells execute complex transcriptional programs in which specific loci throughout the genome are regulated in distinct ways by targeted regulatory assemblies. We have applied this principle to generate synthetic CRISPR-based transcriptional programs in yeast and human cells. By extending guide RNAs to include effector protein recruitment sites, we(More)
Support for fine-grained data management has all but disappeared from modern operating systems such as An-droid and iOS. Instead, we must rely on each individual application to manage our data properly – e.g., to delete our emails, documents, and photos in full upon request; to not collect more data than required for its function; and to back up our data to(More)
The page pointed by the link above may be more up to date, if it is not broken, you should use it. Abstract: A substantial portion of a knowledge worker's life may be spent waiting for a computer program to produce output. Users and organizations control their wait time by purchasing faster computers, adding memory, or using faster network connections.(More)
Participants (N = 343) from an Oregon community completed surveys at baseline, 3 months, and 12 months to assess personality, the perceived health risk of radon in combination with smoking, and changes in smoking behavior. Conscientiousness predicted instituting a more restrictive household smoking rule (p < .01), and perceived risk predicted reduction in(More)
Fermentation of xylose, a major constituent of lignocellulose, will be important for expanding sustainable biofuel production. We sought to better understand the effects of intrinsic (genotypic) and extrinsic (growth conditions) variables on optimal gene expression of the Scheffersomyces stipitis xylose utilization pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by(More)
The engineering of biological components has been facilitated by de novo synthesis of gene-length DNA. Biological engineering at the level of pathways and genomes, however, requires a scalable and cost-effective assembly of DNA molecules that are longer than approximately 10 kb, and this remains a challenge. Here we present the development of pairwise(More)
Past approaches to the measurement of the perceived risk of combined hazards have failed to demonstrate awareness of synergy (S. E. Hampson et al., 1998; D. Hermand, E. Mullet, & B. Coutelle, 1995; D. Hermand, E. Mullet, & S. Lavieville, 1997). Respondents (N = 650) were provided with information about the synergistic risk of lung cancer from the(More)
The directed evolution of biomolecules to improve or change their activity is central to many engineering and synthetic biology efforts. However, selecting improved variants from gene libraries in living cells requires plasmid expression systems that suffer from variable copy number effects, or the use of complex marker-dependent chromosomal integration(More)