Michael Lee Bruno

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Much of the new growth literature stresses countly characteristics, such as education levels or political stability, as the dominant determinant of growth. However, growth rates are highly unstable over time, with a correlation across decades of .1 to .3, while country characteristics are stable, with cross-decade correlations of .6 to .9. Shocks,(More)
Skeletal muscles are highly plastic tissues capable dramatic remodeling in response to use, disuse, disease, and other factors. Growing evidence suggests that adipose tissues exert significant effects on the basic fiber-type composition of skeletal muscles. In the current study, we investigated the long-term effects of a high-fat diet and subsequent obesity(More)
The Stevens Passive Acoustic System allows the detection, tracking and classification of various surface and underwater sources of sound including surface vessels, swimmers, various types of divers, and unmanned underwater vehicles. This system was developed by Stevens in its Maritime Security Laboratory, which was established to support research in the(More)
Stevens Institute of Technology is performing research aimed at determining the acoustical parameters that are necessary for detecting and classifying underwater threats. This paper specifically addresses the problems of passive acoustic detection of small targets in noisy urban river and harbor environments. We describe experiments to determine the(More)
Distributed sensor networks are systems of sensor nodes interconnected by communication networks. The networks support advanced detection algorithms that use distributed computing to detect events as emergent phenomena of the system of detectors. These systems depend on connected and reliable communication networks. The systems are directly related to(More)
The research being conducted in the Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Commerce (CSR), a DHS National Center of Excellence for Port Security examines some basic science issues and emerging technologies to improve the security of ports and inland waterways, as well as coastal and offshore operations. This research follows a layered approach utilizing(More)