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The minimum number of trials necessary to accurately characterize the error-related negativity (ERN) and the error positivity (Pe) across the life span was investigated using samples of preadolescent children, college-age young adults, and older adults. Event-related potentials and task performance were subsequently measured during a modified flanker task.(More)
Synopsis Selection of methods for quantitative description and assessment of food habits is a concern for trophic investigations. We used diet data for largemouth bass Micropterus salmoides, to compare a caloric-based approach with eight diet indices: percent frequency of occurrence, percent total number, percent total weight, mean relative number, mean(More)
An initial investigation into the inclusion of high protein distillers dried grain with solubles (HPDDG) in juvenile rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss diets was conducted during a 36-day feeding trial. Four experimental diets containing either 10% or 20% HPDDG with supplemental amino acids, and either with or without phytase, were compared to a(More)
The Shear TEsting Programme, STEP, is a collaborative project to improve the accuracy and reliability of all weak lensing measurements in preparation for the next generation of wide-field surveys. In this first STEP paper we present the results of a blind analysis of simulated ground-based observations of relatively simple galaxy morphologies. The most(More)
Bacterial coldwater disease and other infections caused by Flavobacterium psychrophilum are a worldwide concern, particularly for freshwater salmonid hatcheries. F. psychrophilum infections can be difficult to control; antibiotic resistance is common and no effective vaccines are currently available. This review summarizes the biology and characteristics of(More)
Six isocaloric (3.65 kcal/g), isonitrogenous (35% dry-basis [db] protein), ingredient blends were Extrusion cooking is a process by which moistened, expansive, starchy, and proteina-ceous materials can be plasticized and cooked by a combination of moisture, pressure, temperature , and mechanical shear (Hauck and Huber 1989). Done properly, extrusion can(More)
—Differentiating between hatchery and naturally reproduced fishes is difficult because of the lack of appropriate marking techniques. Chemical immersion techniques can be a practical method for mass marking juvenile fishes. The objectives of this study were to determine the concentration of oxytetracycline (OTC) hydrochloride needed to effectively mark(More)
Galaxy shapes are not randomly oriented, rather they are statistically aligned in a way that can depend on formation environment, history and galaxy type. Studying the alignment of galaxies can therefore deliver important information about the physics of galaxy formation and evolution as well as the growth of structure in the Universe. In this review paper(More)
The inclusion of PepSoyGen (PSG), a commercially available fermented soybean meal product, was evaluated with juvenile rainbow trout, On-corhynchus mykiss in an initial 70-day feeding trial, with a supplemental trial involving a subset of the experimental diets continuing for an additional 40 d. replacing fish meal, were used in the first trial. There were(More)
Juvenile rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss diets containing PepSoyGen, a commercially-available fermented soybean meal product, were supplemented with methionine and other amino acids. A fish meal-based control and four experimental diets were used in a 36-day feeding trial; two diets contained 40% PepSoyGen and 10% fish meal, and two diets contained 50%(More)