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Natural language processing techniques developed for Artificial Intelligence programs can aid in constructing powerful information retrieval systems in at least two areas. Automatic construction of new concepts allows a large body of information to be organized compactly and in a manner that allows a wide range of queries to be answered. Also, using natural(More)
A new type of natural language parser is presented. The idea behind this parser is to map input sentences into the deepest form of the representation of their meaning and inferences, as is appropriate. The parser is not distinct from an entire understanding system. It uses an integrated conception of inferences, scripts, plans, and other knowledge to aid in(More)
Extended story generation, such as the creation of soap opera stories, is a difficult and interesting problem for Artificial Intelligence. We present here the first phase of the development of a program, UNIVERSE, to tell such stories. In particular, we introduce a method for creating universes of characters appropriate for extended story generation. This(More)