Michael Le Bars

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OBJECTIVE To assess the safety, tolerability and efficacy of abatacept in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who had failed anti-tumour necrosis factor (TNF) therapy and were switched to abatacept directly or after completing washout. METHODS In this international, 6-month, open-label trial, patients had active RA, an inadequate response to anti-TNF(More)
A finite-element simulation of binary alloy solidification based on a single-domain formulation is presented and tested. Resolution of phase change is first checked by comparison with the analytical results of Worster [M.G. Worster, Solidi-fication of an alloy from a cooled boundary, J. Fluid Mech. 167 (1986) 481–501] for purely diffusive solidification.(More)
The origin of lunar magnetic anomalies remains unresolved after their discovery more than four decades ago. A commonly invoked hypothesis is that the Moon might once have possessed a thermally driven core dynamo, but this theory is problematical given the small size of the core and the required surface magnetic field strengths. An alternative hypothesis is(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate different methods of reporting response to treatment or disease status for their ability to discriminate between active therapy and placebo, or to reflect structural progression or patient satisfaction with treatment using an exploratory analysis of the Abatacept in Inadequate Responders to Methotrexate (AIM) trial. METHODS 424(More)
  • Y Pomeau, T Jamin, M Le Bars, P Le Gal, And B Audoly
  • 2008
In a wide range of conditions, ocean waves break. This can be seen as the manifestation of a singularity in the dynamics of the fluid surface, moving under the effect of the fluid motion underneath. We show that, at the onset of breaking, the wave crest expands in the spanwise direction as the square root of time. This is first derived from a theoretical(More)
Water's density maximum at 4°C makes it well suited to study internal gravity wave excitation by convection: an increasing temperature profile is unstable to convection below 4°C, but stably stratified above 4°C. We present numerical simulations of a waterlike fluid near its density maximum in a two-dimensional domain. We successfully model the damping of(More)
In this work, we report the excitation of inertial waves in a librating sphere even for libration frequencies where these waves are not directly forced. This spontaneous generation comes from the localized turbulence induced by the centrifugal instabilities in the Ekman boundary layer near the equator and does not depend on the libration frequency. We(More)
  • D Cébron, M Le Bars, P Maubert, P Le Gal
  • 2013
The elliptical instability can take place in planetary cores and stars elliptically deformed by gravitational effects, where it generates large-scale three-dimensional flows assumed to be dynamo capable. In this work, we present the first magneto-hydrodynamic numerical simulations of such flows, using a finite-element method. We first validate our numerical(More)
The effects of an imposed magnetic field on the development of the elliptical instability in a rotating spheroid filled with a conducting fluid are considered. Theoretical and experimental studies of the spin-over mode, as well as a more general short-wavelength Lagrangian approach, demonstrate that the linear growth rate of the instability and the square(More)
Raisonnement procédural dans un modèle de simulation de la gestion d'un bassin versant. Abstract En France, l'utilisation de la ressource en eau fait l'objet de directives européennes et nationales. Le respect de ces directives fait l'objet de délégations auprès d'instances régionales et locales au niveau d'un bassin hydrologique. Ces règles plus ou moins(More)