Michael Lazare

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The Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis third generation atmospheric general circulation model (AGCM3) is described. The discussion summarizes the details of the complete physics package emphasizing the changes made relative to the second generation version of the model. AGCM3 is the underlying model for applications which include the IPCC(More)
Epithelial organ morphogenesis involves reciprocal interactions between epithelial and mesenchymal cell types to balance progenitor cell retention and expansion with cell differentiation for evolution of tissue architecture. Underlying submandibular salivary gland branching morphogenesis is the regulated proliferation and differentiation of perhaps several(More)
Limitations on the number of unique protein and DNA molecules that can be characterized microscopically in a single tissue specimen impede advances in understanding the biological basis of health and disease. Here we present a multiplexed fluorescence microscopy method (MxIF) for quantitative, single-cell, and subcellular characterization of multiple(More)
Classical Hodgkin lymphoma can be diagnosed with confidence in the majority of cases, but there is a significant subset that remains a diagnostic challenge. The authors have investigated the utility of a novel hyperplexing technology, MultiOmyx™, which may be applied to stain with >60 antibodies on single tissue sections from formalin-fixed(More)
S OF PAPERS PRESENTED AT u ~ T H E 14TH C O N G R E S S OF ~"~" T H E I S R A E L I P H Y T O P A T H O L O G I C A L S O C I E T Y '~Oi~7.OPATlqOk.O February 15-16, 1993 ARO, The Volcani Center, Bet Dagan, Israel A: MONITORING DISEASES AND IDENTIFICATION OF PATHOGENS Extended Summary The Plant Clinic as a Tool for Monitoring Plant Diseases I.S. Ben-Ze 'ev,(More)
The Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis atmospheric general circulation model (AGCM4) is used to study the role of shallow convection in the hydrologic and energy cycles of the atmosphere. Sensitivity tests with AGCM4 show a marked effect of the parameterization of shallow convection in the model. In particular, including the parameterization(More)