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and Michael Lavine for useful discussions and the editor, associate editor, and the two anonymous referees for insightful comments. 2 Wavelet shrinkage, the method proposed by the seminal work of Donoho and Johnstone is a disarmingly simple and eecient way of denoising data. Shrinking wavelet coeecients was proposed from several optimality criteria. In this(More)
The discovery of experience-dependent brain reactivation during both slow-wave (SW) and rapid eye-movement (REM) sleep led to the notion that the consolidation of recently acquired memory traces requires neural replay during sleep. To date, however, several observations continue to undermine this hypothesis. To address some of these objections, we(More)
Bayes factors have been ooered by Bayesians as alternatives to P-values (or significance probabilities) for testing hypotheses and for quantifying the degree to which observed data support or connict with a hypothesis. Schervish (1996) showed how the interpretation of P-values as measures of support suuers a certain logical aw. In this paper, we show how(More)
Rapid tastant detection is necessary to prevent the ingestion of potentially poisonous compounds. Behavioral studies have shown that rats can identify tastants in approximately 200 ms, although the electrophysiological correlates for fast tastant detection have not been identified. For this reason, we investigated whether neurons in the primary gustatory(More)
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Microbicides are agents applied topically to the vagina to prevent HIV transmission. Microbicide products formulated as semi-solid dosage forms or "gels" coat vulnerable tissue to deliver active ingredients. Effective microbicide delivery vehicles must have appropriate rheological properties to ensure appropriate deployment in vivo. Microbicide products(More)
OBJECTIVE We used a new optical imaging technique to compare human intravaginal coating distributions of Conceptrol (Advanced Care Products, Brunswick, NJ) and Advantage (Columbia Laboratories, Aventuna, FL). These gels are surrogates for future microbicidal gels, differing in molecular structures and biophysical properties. METHODS For each protocol, a(More)
To better understand how forest management, phenology, vegetation type, and actual and simulated climatic change affect seasonal and inter-annual variations in soil respiration (Rs), we analyzed more than 100,000 individual measurements of soil respiration from 23 studies conducted over 22 years at the Harvard Forest in Petersham, Massachusetts, USA. We(More)
Eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) is in rapid decline because of infestation by the invasive hemlock woolly adelgid (Adelges tsugae; ‘HWA’) and, to a lesser extent, the invasive elongate hemlock scale (Fiorinia externa; ‘EHS’). For many conifers, induced oleoresin-based defenses play a central role in their response to herbivorous insects; however, it is(More)