Michael Laurence

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The use of software agents for automatic contract negotiation in e-commerce and e-trading environments has been the subject of considerable recent interest. A widely studied abstract model considers the setting in which a set of agents have some collection of resources shared out between them and attempt to construct a mutually beneficial optimal(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether Clinical Terms Version 3 provides greater accuracy and consistency in coding electronic patient records than the Read Codes 5 byte set. DESIGN Randomised crossover trial. Clinicians coded patient records using both schemes after being randomised in pairs to use one scheme before the other. SETTING 10 general practices in(More)
OBJECTIVE To elicit patients' preferences for the treatment of angina. DESIGN Angina patients were interviewed in order to elicit their personal reasons underlying preferences for various treatment options. Interviews followed a general repertory grid technique, in which seven treatment options were presented to patients in triads. Treatments considered(More)
The Agent Design problem involves determining whether or not it is possible to construct an agent capable of satisfying a given task specification in a particular environment. The simplest examples of such specifications are where an agent is required to bring about some goal or where an agent is required to maintain some invariant condition. Both cases can(More)
Automated negotiation techniques have received considerable attention over the past decade, and much progress has been made in developing negotiation protocols and strategies for use by software agents. However, comparatively little effort has been devoted to understanding the computational complexity of such protocols and strategies. Building on the work(More)
There has been massive investment in the development of clinical terminologies for use in electronic patient records. However, there has been little published evidence for the added value for primary care that implementation of such a terminology would offer. This paper outlines a methodology that has been used to compare two existing coding schemes (Read(More)
The aim of the study was to assess pain in Bos indicus bull calves following surgical castration. Forty-two animals were randomised to four groups: no castration (NC, n = 6); castration with pre-operative lidocaine (CL, n = 12); castration with pre-operative meloxicam (CM, n = 12); and, castration alone (C, n = 12). Bodyweight was measured regularly and(More)
The aim of this study was to document the haematological profile of pregnant ewes throughout gestation. Sheep were divided into three groups (n = 8 per group): non-pregnant, singleton, or twin pregnancy. Blood samples were collected every 14 days from day 55 of gestation for haemoglobin concentration; packed cell volume; total protein; and albumin(More)