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This research argues that organizational power impacts the development and implementation of Information Systems (IS) Security policy. The study was conducted via an in depth case study at the IT department within a large financial organization in the United States. The theoretical foundation for the research was based was Clegg's (2002) Circuits of Power.(More)
This study is aimed at understanding how multiple perspectives of stakeholders are incorporated in the formulation of security policy. The research was guided by the Theory of Semantics. A framework was created from established semantic theory. Guided by the framework, a case study was carried out at a large state University. The point of the case study was(More)
This paper presents a novel industry compatible plasma probe for monitoring systems in dielectric deposition processes. The probe is based on the so called active plasma resonance spectroscopy and allows an extensive evaluation of different important plasma parameters, needed for the supervision and control of the plasma deposition process. Due to its(More)
This paper provides a framework to reconcile the apparent duality between Information Systems Development and Information Systems Security Development. Though there is a substantial foundation of literature on approaches and methodologies for Information Systems Development as well as for Information systems Security Development, the two are not well(More)
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