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Tissue engineering is a rapidly growing field with the aim of developing replacement tissues and organs for patients. An important aspect to the success of regenerated tissue is in the seeding of cells into structured porous scaffolds. This paper reports on an integrated system that is capable of printing bio-scaffold structures and automating the process(More)
Tissue engineering is an emerging discipline which seeks to overcome many of the limitations of current surgical approaches for the treatment of tissue and organ loss. The approach utilises patient derived biological tissue replacements. Traditional tissue engineering approaches involve the seeding of suspended single cells onto the surface of a 3D porous(More)
—The purpose of this research is to investigate two factors that affect a user's information privacy online. An exploratory survey was conducted in Ireland receiving 260 usable responses. Users' attitudes and behaviors toward information privacy were explored in relation to a user's level of perceived control and perceived risk. The preliminary findings(More)
The objective of this work is to evaluate whether clinically important factors may predict an individual's capability to utilize the functional benefits provided by an advanced hydraulic, microprocessor-controlled exo-prosthetic knee component.This retrospective cross-sectional cohort analysis investigated the data of above knee amputees captured during(More)
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