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he rapid emergence of multimedia-based (including Web-based) information systems in recent years presents a serious challenge for the development skills of information systems professionals. Until recently, many such systems were simple, stand-alone applications like electronic brochures. Some have now become extensive, complex, e-commerce applications. As(More)
Brian Fitzgerald holds the Frederick A Krehbiel II Chair in Innovation in Global Business and Technology at the University of Limerick and is also a Science Foundation Ireland Investigator. His publications include 7 books and more than 60 papers, published in leading international conferences and journals. Despite claims in the literature that "(More)
As multimedia information systems begin to infiltrate organizations, there arises a need to capture and disseminate knowledge about how to develop them. Little is thus far known about the realities of multimedia systems development practice, or about how the development of multimedia systems compares to that of 'traditional' information systems. Herein are(More)
This paper reports the findings of a detailed study of Web-based systems design (WBSD) practices in Ireland based on data collected over a 3-year period (2002– 2005), the objectives of which were to (1) contribute towards a richer understanding of the current ''real-world'' context of WBSD by characterising the profile of a typical project (team size,(More)
Three case studies of agile teams highlight how agile practices can enhance trust among agile team members while also generating new challenges for such teams. People are core to any software development effort, but they're particularly important in an agile team. The Agile Manifesto places great emphasis on the team, encouraging autonomy and giving(More)
This paper tries to answer the question, how are multimedia systems being developed in practice? Herein are reported the findings of a preliminary postal survey of the top 1,000 companies from general industry and the principal 100 companies from the multimedia industry in Ireland, which reveal that there is no uniform approach to multimedia systems(More)
Trust is an important aspect of any software development team, but particularly with self-managing teams as team members are very dependent on one another. Agile teams are considered to be self-managing and they employ many different agile practices to function as an agile team. While there have been many studies of trust in software development teams few(More)