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In the late 1990's, there was substantial activity within the " Web engineering " research community and a multitude of new Web approaches were proposed. However , numerous studies have revealed major gaps in these approaches, including coverage and interoperability. In order to address these gaps, the Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) paradigm offers a new(More)
Because research find ings often do not have direct or immediate relevance to IS professionals in industry , the question arises as to how those findings should be disseminated to them in a suitable form at such time as they do become relevant. A central argument of this paper is that the traditional mechanisms whereby academic researchers disseminate their(More)
The cross-linking of polymer brushes is studied using the bond-fluctuation model. By mapping the cross-linking process into a two-dimensional (2D) percolation problem within the lattice of grafting points, we investigate the gelation transition in detail. We show that the particular properties of cross-linked polymer brushes can be reduced to the(More)
1 Motivation Newest publications resume the impact of application marketplaces as an arbitra-tive competitive advantage in the market of mobile devices (Laube 2009, p. 8). Neologisms like " App-Mania " (Sandin 2009, p. 1) stand for this evolution on the mobile side. On the PC side other trends in form of Software-as-a-Service or electronic marketplaces and(More)
The FlexRay bus system is the new de-facto standard for connecting electronic control units (ECUs) in cars. Because of its time-triggered message scheduling, it is regarded as the basis for applications like drive-by-wire. In order to fulfill the associated safety requirements, a reliable membership service is mandatory for providing consensus on all(More)
Large-scale simulations of the swelling of a long N-mer in a melt of chemically identical P-mers are used to investigate a discrepancy between theory and experiments. Classical theory predicts an increase of probe chain size R ∼ P(-0.18) with decreasing degree of polymerization P of melt chains in the range of 1 < P < N(1/2). However, both experiment and(More)
We consider the problem of quickest detection, i.e. we sequentially monitor a data sequence to detect a shift in the sampling distribution which may occur at an unknown time instance. Conventional quickest detection procedures typically require a-priori knowledge of the underlying pre- and post-change distributions of the process. Such knowledge may not be(More)
Usability and security are often portrayed as though they are competing priorities in information systems development. Given that both are essential to the design of an effective system, it is important that these two prerogatives should be reconciled. In recent years, there is growing concern with the rising incidence of on-line impersonation, theft and(More)