Michael Lane

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Recent developments in mobile technologies have provided unique opportunities for learning and teaching. This paper reports on recent research undertaken at a regional Australian university in order to understand how higher education students are using mobile devices to support their learning. A survey instrument was developed and deployed and the data(More)
In the last several years there has been a noticeable focus shift of agile methods from eXtreme Programming (XP) and Scrum to Lean approaches, which is indicated as " from agile to lean ". However our understanding of the driving factors behind this focus shift is very limited. The study proposed in this paper attempts to investigate the shift through a(More)
This report summarizes the key findings from a workshop at the 10th International Conference on Agile Processes and eXtreme Programming in Software Engineering (XP2009) called "Agile Research -- A 7-Year Retrospective", held in Sardinia in May 2009. The workshop was based on an open discussion around past papers presented at the conference, identifying(More)
Broadband is a general purpose technology and major enabler for building social capital (SC) by better connecting rural communities – locally, nationally and internationally with families and friends and broadening their circles of influence. The main objectives of this paper are to determine to what extent broadband connectivity and Social Networking Sites(More)
The concurrent effect of various internal and external factors on IT Outsourcing (ITO) decision making has seldom been investigated in a single study. Furthermore, research on external factors is scarce and there is no comprehensive theory that can fully explain ITO decisions made in practice. This paper explains how key decision factors, both internal and(More)
This paper critically assesses wireless broadband internet infrastructure, in the rural and remote communities of WDR in terms of supply, demand and utilisation. Only 8 of 20 towns have ADSL/ADSL2+, and only 3 towns have 4G mobile network coverage. Conversely all of the towns have 2G/3G mobile network coverage but have problems with speed, reliability of(More)
Crypto-currencies, like Bitcoins, are a relatively recent phenomena on the online Internet landscape and an emerging force in the financial sector. While not conforming to traditional institutional practices, they are gaining increasing acceptance as viable commercial currencies. With this technology presenting new opportunities, and its future largely(More)