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For many species, mate guarding results in dramatic departures from normal behaviour that reflect compromised attention to feeding and other activities. Such departures have previously been difficult to document in primates, however. Data were gathered on two aspects of male behaviour that were predicted to be constrained during consortships, individual(More)
Keywords: Performance assessment High-level radioactive waste Spent nuclear fuel Radioactive waste disposal Probabilistic risk assessment Yucca Mountain a b s t r a c t This paper summarizes the evolution of consequence modeling for a repository for spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste at Yucca Mountain in southern Nevada. The discussion(More)
2 in an editorial, called ultrasound the stethoscope of the future but was concerned about its use in untrained hands. In 2002, Dodd 3 encouraged teaching the technique of ultrasound usage to medical students beginning in the gross anatomy laboratory and ending in ward rounds and senior electives. In 2003, Greenbaum 4 projected that in the near future "(More)
Streptomyces species are most widely known for their production of antimicrobial substances and, apart from mycetoma, have rarely been reported as a cause of infection. We describe a patient with early human immunodeficiency virus infection who presented with fever, cough, and nodular pulmonary infiltrates. Open lung biopsy revealed necrotic tissue and a(More)
The diagnosis of infections of bones, joints, skin, and soft-tissues requires the combined use of a number of laboratory and pathology tests. The diagnosis of most infections requires microbiological cultures, both for isolation and for identification of causative organisms, as well as for antimicrobial susceptibility testing. Chemical analysis of joint(More)
The role of microbiology laboratories in the care of patients with suspected or known infections has been described in previous articles in this series of medical microbiology updates. This review addresses the broader role of clinical microbiology laboratories in the quality of care and patient safety. The importance of microbiology laboratories in the(More)