Michael L. Williams

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Electron probe microanalysis (EPMA) of accessory minerals such as monazite, xenotime, and thorite for minorand trace-element concentrations and geochronology, requires consideration of beam irradiation effects (increasing heat and charge) as higher current densities and lengthy counting times are employed, and requires careful, detailed assessment of(More)
Electronic brainstorming (EBS) has been a focus of academic research since the 1980s. The results suggest that in most--but not all--cases, groups using EBS produce more ideas than groups using verbal brainstorming. In contrast, the results comparing groups using EBS to groups using nominal group brainstorming have been mixed: sometimes EBS groups produce(More)
Knowledge of the composition and structural character of the lower crust is essential for understanding the growth, evolution, and present state of the continental crust. The lower crust is an important geochemical reservoir. Its composition and history are fundamental variables in models for Earth evolution, and play a key role in the structural and(More)
Monazite is a light rare earth element (LREE)-bearing phosphate mineral that is present in a wide variety of rock types, has an extremely variable composition reflecting host rock conditions, and is a robust geochronometer that can preserve crystallization ages through a long history of geological events. Monazite crystals typically contain distinct(More)
The Net-Enabled Business Innovation Cycle (NEBIC) was offered by Wheeler [1] as a subjective understanding of how firms can gain competitive advantage through enabling and emerging technologies (ET). NEBIC consists of four capabilities that lead a firm from choosing ET, to matching ET with business opportunities, executing for growth, and assessing customer(More)
doi: 10.1130/0091-7613(1996)024<0766:SRATRD>2.3.CO;2 1996;24;766-767 Geology Robert P. Sharp, Dwight L. Carey, John B. Reid , Jr., Pratigya J. Polissar and Michael L. Williams and Reply Sliding rocks at the Racetrack, Death Valley: What makes them move?: Comment Email alerting services cite this article to receive free e-mail alerts when new articles(More)
We compared the costs incurred by families attending outpatient appointments at the Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) in Brisbane with those incurred by families who had a consultation via videoconference in their regional area. In each category 200 families were interviewed. The median time spent travelling for videoconferences was 30 min compared with 80(More)
A model of pneumonia due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa was produced in hamsters by an intratracheal bolus instillation of microorganisms. Sequential lung changes from 4 hr through 11 days were studied by morphologic and microbiologic methods. Hamsters inoculated with greater than 10(6) pseudomonads survived but consistently had histologic evidence of mild(More)
A novel series of benzenesulfonamides that contain ferrocenyl or ruthenocenyl moieties were synthesized and investigated for their ability to inhibit the enzymatic activity of physiologically relevant carbonic anhydrase (CA) isozymes: hCA I, II and tumour-associated IX (h=human). This manuscript describes the regioselective synthesis of both the 1,4- and(More)