Michael L. W. Jones

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the use of telerehabilitation to support families caring at home for individuals with prolonged states of reduced consciousness. DESIGN A comparison group approach. PARTICIPANTS Participants were recruited from a special program that is part of a Model Systems brain injury program located in the Southeast. Five patients, ranging(More)
Teleconferencing technology has great potential for providing cost-effective in-home assessment for home modification services from anywhere to anyone in need. Despite its enormous potential, the use of this technology as a means to deliver these specific services had not been investigated. This project investigated the use of televideo technology to(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to determine whether an elevated burden of chronic kidney disease is found among disadvantaged groups living in the United States, Australia, and Thailand. METHODS We used data on participants 35 years or older for whom a valid serum creatinine measurement was available from studies in the United States, Thailand, and Australia. We(More)
This article summarizes presentations of a symposium examining the potential impact of activity-based therapies (ABT) in promoting neurological and functional recovery after spinal cord injury (SCI). The symposium addressed 3 key questions concerning activity-based therapy in SCI: (1) What clinical approaches are used? (2) Is there empirical evidence(More)
Digital library research is made more robust and effective when end-user opinions and viewpoints inform the research, design and development process. A rich understanding of user tasks and contexts is especially necessary when investigating the use of mobile computers in traditional and digital library environments, since the(More)
This brief technical note describes the authors' efforts to modify an existing wireless remote control for the Apple iPod so it could be operated using sip-and-puff switches by individuals with limited upper extremity dexterity due to cervical level spinal cord injury. The authors were able to successfully interface the wireless controller with sip-and-puff(More)
Few data are available on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and risk behaviors among lesbians and bisexual women. A total of 498 lesbians and bisexual women was sampled from public venues in San Francisco and Berkeley, Calif, during 1993. The overall HIV seroprevalence was 1.2%. Ten percent of participants reported injecting drugs since 1978.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine effectiveness of an intervention using monetary rewards as a consequence for preventing or reducing severity of pressure ulcers in spinal cord injury (SCI) patients with a history of chronic, recurrent ulcers. DESIGN Multiple baseline analysis across subjects (time-lagged control), comparing severity of pressure ulcers and treatment(More)