Michael L. Swafford

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We organize an empirical analysis of Russian wage arrears around hypotheses concerning factors t hat create incentives for firms to pay late and for workers to tolerate late payment, both reinforced by a prevalent environment of overdue wages. Our analysis draws upon nationally representative household panel data matched with employer data to show(More)
provide d by the W orld Ba nk and for the subseque nt rounds b y the U.S. Ag ency for Intern ational De velopme nt. Additional funding for file creation has come from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) (1 RO1HD30880), for collaborative travel and research design work from the National Science Foundation (NSF) (SBR-9223326), and considerable support has(More)
Mallard TM is a World Wide Web based interactive learning environment suitable for use in a wide variety of courses. Mallard TM provides a secure environment within which one can organize online course material and test students via interactive quizzes with instantaneous problem correction and grading. In addition, Mallard TM provides administrative(More)
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