Michael L. Self

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INTRODUCTION A wandering spleen occurs when there is a laxity of the ligaments that fix the spleen in its normal anatomical position. CASE REPORT We present the case of a wandering spleen in a 20-year-old female who presented with recurrent pancreatitis and underwent a laparoscopic splenectomy. DISCUSSION The presentation of a wandering spleen varies(More)
BACKGROUND Spillage of gallstones within the subcutaneous tissue during laparoscopic cholecystecomy may lead to considerable morbidity. METHODS We describe an abdominal wall abscess formation in a 50-year-old female that developed 24 months after a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. RESULTS Spilled gallstones at the umbilical port site went undetected.(More)
The relation between clinical and biochemical changes in thyrotoxicosis were studied in 12 patients with Graves's disease who were being treated with carbimazole. Clinical assessment (using the Crooks-Wayne index) was combined with the measurement of free thyroxine and triiodothyronine indices (FT4I and FT3I) and the assessment of two tissue markers of(More)
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