Michael L. Russell

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Previous investigations have consistently found differential effects of induced moods on the accessibility of personal memories differing in hedonic tone. Findings for effects of retrieval mood on recall of verbal material have been less consistent. This study examined the effect of induced mood on the recall of previously learned personality trait words.(More)
Despite the prevalence of concussion in soldiers deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, neuropsychological tests used to assist in concussion management have not been validated on the battlefield. This study evaluated the validity of the Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics (ANAM) in the combat environment. Cases meeting criteria for concussion,(More)
Clinical decision support is recognized as one potential remedy for the growing crisis in healthcare quality in the United States and other industrialized nations. While decision support systems have been shown to improve care quality and reduce errors, these systems are not widely available. This lack of availability arises in part because most decision(More)
The present study examined the normative scores and psychometric properties of the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI; Morey, 1991) within a non-treatment-seeking sample of soldiers deployed to combat zones in Iraq, compared with a sample of community adults matched with respect to age and gender. Results indicate the scores and properties of the PAI(More)
Seventy-one deployed U.S. Army soldiers who presented for concussion care due to either blast or blunt mechanisms within 72 h of injury were assessed using the Military Acute Concussion Evaluation, the Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics (ANAM), traditional neuropsychological tests, and health status questionnaires. Follow-up ANAM testing was(More)
Automated neurocognitive tests are commonly used by military providers for making clinical decisions about the recovery of postconcussive cognitive sequelae. This practice often utilizes baseline assessments that precede the concussive injury. As such, investigating and establishing the psychometrics of an instrument is necessary to minimize confounds for(More)
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