Michael L. Quinn

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Japanese quail provide an advantageous avian model for assessing long-term biological consequences of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). These studies examined route of exposure and vulnerability to biological impact of EDCs over the life cycle in a precocial avian model, the Japanese quail. Embryonic exposure occurs with maternal deposition and(More)
We tested on three occasions, with anesthetists as subjects, the accuracy of two voice-recognition systems designed for anesthetic record keeping. Initially, a prototype system was tested (10 subjects); several years later the resulting commercial system was tested in a quiet environment (11 subjects) and in noisy operating rooms (10 subjects). For each(More)
While opiate-induced increases in thoracic muscle tone may contribute to impaired ventilation during opiate anesthesia, the effects of high-dose opiates on diaphragm muscle activity have not been elucidated. The effects of the opiate agonist alfentanil (ALF, 500 micrograms/kg subcutaneously) on diaphragm (DIA) and intercostal (IC) electromyographic (EMG)(More)
Using aperiodic analysis, we compared the EEG produced by alfentanil with the EEGs produced by two other opiates--fentanyl and sufentanil--on the one hand and with the EEG produced by a barbiturate--thiopental--on the other hand. Alfentanil and thiopental were injected over 1 minute; fentanyl and sufentanil were injected over 10 to 15 minutes. From the(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Decision Support System for Coalition Operations (DSSCO) project, with Robert J. Smillie, Ph.D., as Principal Investigator, developed software tools for planning multinational coalition operations. This report documents the accomplis hments of the DSSCO project from its inception in FY99, traces the development and evolution of its major(More)
Using aperiodic analysis, we examined the impact on the electroencephalogram (EEG) of muscle activity from opiate-induced rigidity with alfentanil. We compared two groups of patients, one receiving alfentanil with neuromuscular blocking agents and the other group receiving no relaxants. The alfentanil-induced muscle rigidity exerted a noticeable effect on(More)
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