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BACKGROUND When tubal ligations cannot be performed because of dense postoperative adhesions, options for female sterilization are very limited. As the incidence of cesarean delivery rises and the occurrence of peritubal adhesions increases, tubal ligation using abdominal or laparoscopic surgery may become increasingly technically difficult. Hysteroscopic(More)
The ingestion of petroleum products by children is not infrequent. Some of the more common substances encountered are, benzene, kerosene, gasolene, and insect sprays. Kerosene is the most common poison taken by chi1dren.l The ensuing irritant and toxic manifestations have been thoroughly described by previous However, it is noteworthy that in the clinic, as(More)
BACKGROUND Retained viable intrauterine pregnancy is an infrequent complication of vacuum aspiration. We report a case of a retained single intrauterine pregnancy after an elective vacuum aspiration of a dichorionic-diamniotic twin gestation. CASE A patient presented to the emergency department reporting vaginal spotting, breast engorgement, and lower(More)
PEDIATRIC ASPECTS OF AIR POLLUTION P UBLIC concern regarding air pollution has increased rapidly in recent years. Because air pollution may present special problems in the pediatric age group, available information on the effects of various air pollutants on children has been reviewed with the purpose of: ( 1 ) defining the potential ill effects of air(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to report the case of a patient who developed an iliopsoas abscess after a dilation and evacuation for a midtrimester fetal demise. MATERIALS AND METHODS This is a case report of a 35-year-old woman who underwent a dilation and evacuation at 17 weeks' gestation because of a preterm premature rupture of membranes and fetal(More)
In brief: The outcome of a near drowning depends on the patient's physical condition before the accident, the duration of submersion, the temperature of the water, and how much water entered the lungs and stomach. Dr. Podolsky describes the pathophysiology of drowning, a practical action plan for treating victims, and preventive measures. The key to(More)