Michael L. Meyer

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Total mercury (THg) concentrations in streams draining cultivated watersheds in Minnesota, USA are strongly correlated with total suspended sediment (TSS) concentrations, varying widely in response to precipitation-driven inputs of soil-derived suspended sediments. Methylmercury (MeHg) concentrations in these waterways have not been studied, and little is(More)
Methylmercury (MeHg) and total mercury (THg) concentrations were determined weekly from late March through mid-December 2000 in unfiltered water samples from two prairie streams in south-central Minnesota. The Little Cobb River and County Ditch 86 drain predominantly agricultural watersheds, but riparian areas along much of the Little Cobb River are(More)
Microbial concentrations, total suspended solids (TSS) and turbidity vary with stream hydrology and land use. Turbidity, TSS, and microbial concentrations, loads and yields from four watersheds were assessed: an unburned montane forest, a catastrophically burned montane forest, urban land use and rangeland prairie. Concentrations and loads for most water(More)
This study utilized telemetric systems to sample microbes and pathogens in forest, burned forest, rangeland, and urban watersheds to assess surface water quality in northern New Mexico. Four sites included remote mountainous watersheds, prairie rangelands, and a small urban area. The telemetric system was linked to dataloggers with automated event(More)
Data on the chemical composition of the hard water rivers Rhine and Rhone, published elsewhere, are stored in a new data bank, RRQUE. In this paper the seasonal variation in pH and concentrations of calcium, bicarbonate and sulphate at 7 stations in the Rhine and 7 in the Rhone are described. The concentrations of calcium, bicarbonate and sulphate show(More)
A compact cw chemical HF/DF laser is described. The laser system consists of a microwave discharge using a surfatron to dissociate SF6 molecules mixed with He, a reaction chamber engineered to provide a fast mixing of reacting atoms and molecules, and an optical resonator which includes a concave mirror and a blazed grating for line selection, both mounted(More)
Introduction The Spacecraft Propulsion Research Facility at the NASA Lewis Research Center's Plum Brook Station was reactivated in order to conduct flight simulation ground tests of the Delta HI cryogenic upper stage. The tests were a cooperative effort between The Boeing Company, Pratt and Whitney, and NASA. They included demonstration of tanking and(More)
In the hard water rivers Rhine and Rhone the quotient Ca/HCO3 is strongly related to the sulphate concentration and not to the pH. The relationship can be described (by least square analysis) for the Rhine: Ca/HCO3) = 0.70 + 0.5 (SO4), for the Rhone: (Ca/HCO3) = 0.85 + 0.43 (SO4). With a Teissier analysis (reduced major axis) a slope for both rivers of 0.58(More)