Michael L. Kimbarow

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This study assessed the effects of the verbally presented stimuli wrong, right, and tree on the frequency of disfluencies during oral reading by 18 school-aged stutterers and 18 matched nonstutterers. No differences were found between the three stimulus words' effect on the disfluency rate of either subject group. Because decreases in the disfluency rates(More)
Depression is known to be associated with increased functional dependence both in the community and in a hospital setting. An innovative interdisciplinary behavioral treatment of depression protocol is described here. Occupational therapists were trained to deliver a protocol of behavioral treatment techniques during their individual occupational therapy(More)
This study was designed to determine if trained voice clinicians were better than untrained listeners in judging differences in the fundamental frequencies of children's voices. We also attempted to determine the degree of difference in fundamental frequency necessary for accurate judgments. Finally, ability to perceive pitch differences in speaking voices(More)
The ability to communicate is arguably the most critical and fundamental human behavior. From the moment of birth through adolescence children proceed through a development process during which they master the intricacies of human communication. When this process is altered due to neurological or physical trauma, referral to a speech-language pathologist(More)
This study investigated whether student clinicians working with stutterers subsequently produce more disfluencies than student clinicians providing therapy to clients with other speech and language disorders. Seventeen graduate students working in a 6-wk summer camp setting were divided into two groups: eight who provided treatment for stutterers (group 1)(More)
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