Michael L. Keller

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This paper is an introductory level tutorial describing how to implement a distributed multi-participant virtual environment (VE). This tutorial is intended for students who are competent programmers and who now wish to implement a distributed multi-participant application. We describe the fundamental concepts of distributed computing for multi-player(More)
There is widespread agreement within the scientific and education communities that undergraduate biology curricula fall short in providing students with the quantitative and interdisciplinary problem-solving skills they need to obtain a deep understanding of biological phenomena and be prepared fully to contribute to future scientific inquiry. MathBench(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Completion of this study and thesis would not have been possible without the collaboration, assistance, and support of many, many individuals at the Operator specifically like to thank Tom Schnell for overseeing and advising the project with expertise in aviation design of experiment and technical background; Kara Latorella and associates at(More)
Ecologists are increasingly tackling questions that require significant infrastucture, large experiments, networks of observations, and complex data and computation. Key hypotheses in ecology increasingly require more investment, and larger data sets to be tested than can be collected by a single investigator’s or s group of investigator’s labs, sustained(More)
  • Gerry Adams, Dade Behring, Jim Arient, Luciano Cornelio, Teradyne Ray Dellecker, Jtag Technologies +32 others
  • 2002
Just about one year ago, I was asked if I could update the SMTA Testability Guidelines, document TP-101B, that was published by the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) in 2000. At first the task appeared simple. Because I found a few typos, I felt I could make a contribution by correcting them. With the typos corrected I reread the guidelines and(More)
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