Michael L. Kazar

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3 Scale and Performance in a Distributed File System SigOps HoF paper [SOSP’87, TOCS 1988] • John Howard (Project Lead, retired from Sun) • Michael Kazar (CTO Avere, IEEE Info Storage Sys Award) Co-founded Transarc (commercial AFS, acquired by IBM) • Sherri Menees [Nichols] (community activist, Redmond WA) • David Nichols (Microsoft, start-up became Live(More)
We describe the DEcorum file system, a distributed file system designed for high performance, low network load, easy operation and administration, and interoperability with other file systems. The DEcorum file system has three components: the DEcorum protocol exporter (or file server); the Episode physical file system; and the DEcorum client (or cache(More)
Many distributed file systems go to great extremes to provide exactly the same consistency semantics in a distributed environment as they provide in the single machine case, often at great cost to performance. Other distributed file systems go to the other extreme, and provide good performance, but with extremely weak consistency guarantees. However, a good(More)
We describe the design of Episode, TM a highly portable POSIX-compliant le system. Episode is designed to utilize the disk bandwidth e ciently, and to scale well with improvements in disk capacity and speed. It utilizes logging of meta-data to obtain good performance, and to restart quickly after a crash. Episode uses a layered architecture and a(More)
The Andrew File System is a location-transparent distributed tile system that will eventually span more than 5000 workstations at Carnegie Mellon University. Large scale affects performance and complicates system operation. In this paper we present observations of a prototype implementation, motivate changes in the areas of cache validation, server process(More)
Refdbms is a database system for sharing bibliographic references among many users at sites on a wide-area network<lb>such as the Internet. This paper describes our experiences in building and using refdbms for the last two years. It<lb>summarizes the collection of facilities that refdbms provides, and gives detailed information on how well(More)
The ITC has developed a remote file system that uses a workstation's local disk as a cache of recently used files and provides a large collection of untrusted workstations with the illusion of unifl)rm access to a single vast Unix file systemlThe files are actually stored on many cooperating trusted servers, which collaborate to appear as a single file(More)
The Andrew Toolkit is an object-oriented system designed m provide a foundation on which a large number of diverse user-interface applications can be developed. With the toolkit the programmer can piece togethex components such as text, buttons, and scroll bars, to form more complex components. It also allows for the embedding of components inside of other(More)