Michael L. Hinman

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– Ontologies are becoming increasingly popular due to recent efforts to extend the capabilities of the World Wide Web through the addition of formal semantics. While ontologies have traditionally been used as precise languages to facilitate efficient exchange of information among people , the " Semantic Web " is extending this role to software agents. For(More)
How well does an algorithm support its purpose and user base? Has automation provided the user with the ability to augment their production, quality or responsiveness? In a number of systems today these questions can be answered by either Measures of Performance (MOP) or Measures of Effectiveness (MOE). However, the fusion community has not yet developed(More)
Scientists are continually faced with the need to express complex mathematical notions in code. The renaissance of functional languages such as LISP and Haskell is often credited to their ability to implement complex data operations and mathematical constructs in an expressive and natural idiom. The slow adoption of functional computing in the scientific(More)
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