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The field of cyanobacterial biofuel production is advancing rapidly, yet we know little of the basic biology of these organisms outside of their photosynthetic pathways. We aimed to gain a greater understanding of how the cyanobacterium Synechocystis PCC 6803 (Synechocystis, hereafter) modulates its cell surface. Such understanding will allow for the(More)
Yersinia delivers Yops into numerous types of cultured cells, but predominantly into professional phagocytes and B cells during animal infection. The basis for this cellular tropism during animal infection is not understood. This work demonstrates that efficient and specific Yop translocation into phagocytes by Yersinia pseudotuberculosis (Yptb) is a(More)
of muscle mechanics to the determination of the contractile state of the heart. Circulation 45: 252, 1972 33. Chung DCW, Chamberlain JH, Seed RGFL: The effect of hemodynamic changes on maximum blood flow acceleration at the aortic root in the anesthetized, open-chest dog. SUMMARY The most characteristic echocardiographic features of 12 patients with(More)
Many pathogens are capable of causing a fulminant infection in pulmonary tissues of mammals. Animal models have provided an extensive understanding of the genetic and molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis as well as host immune response in the lungs. Many clinically relevant Gram-negative bacteria are host-restricted. Thus, the powerful,(More)
Researchers have iterated that the future of synthetic biology and biotechnology lies in novel consumer applications of crossing biology with engineering. However, if the new biology's future is to be sustainable, early and serious efforts must be made towards social sustainability. Therefore, the crux of new applications of synthetic biology and(More)
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