Michael L. Engle

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We have developed a set of tools, genfrag, to fragment and optionally mutate a DNA sequence to generate benchmark data sets for testing DNA sequence assembly algorithms. Data parameters can be systematically and independently varied to explore the range of data--and corresponding performance of assembly tools--encountered on large-scale random, or(More)
Managed care is mandating that healthcare facilities implement cost containment measures. Critical pathways are one popular tool used to meet this demand. The purpose of this study was to explore current involvement of occupational therapists (OTRs) in the use and creation of critical pathways. Results of a national survey showed 70.5% of the respondents(More)
Assembly of genomic sequences and maps relies on a primary set of experimental data (e.g., the sequences of individual DNA fragments, or hybridization fingerprints of individual clone inserts), but almost always also relies on several streams of related but distinct kinds of data for completeness and accuracy of the final construction. These secondary data(More)
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