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A chip-scale optical source with integrated beam steering is demonstrated. The chip was fabricated using the hybrid silicon platform and incorporates an on-chip laser, waveguide splitter, amplifiers, phase modulators, and surface gratings to comprise an optical phased array with beam steering across a 12° field of view in one axis. Tuning of the phased(More)
The goals of this study were to test the hypothesis that girls with Turner syndrome (TS) experience growth failure early in life and to establish model-based normative growth charts for 0- to 8-year-old American girls with TS. Full-term girls with TS who had 5 or more measurements of height obtained during their first 10 years of life prior to initiation of(More)
In this paper we investigate reducing threshold and improving the efficiency and speed of distributed feedback hybrid silicon lasers. A low threshold current of 8.8 mA was achieved for a 200 μm cavity at 20 °C. A 3 dB bandwidth of 9.5 GHz as well as 12.5 Gb/s direct modulation of DFB laser diode was achieved on the hybrid silicon platform for the first time.
We demonstrate a novel integrated silicon and ultra-low-loss Si3N4 waveguide platform. Coupling between layers is achieved with (0.4 ± 0.2) dB of loss per transition and a 20 nm 3-dB bandwidth for one tapered coupler design and with (0.8 ± 0.2) dB of loss per transition and a 100 nm 3-dB bandwidth for another. The minimum propagation loss measured in the(More)
We demonstrate an array of erbium-doped waveguide-distributed feedback lasers on an ultra-low-loss Si(3)N(4) platform. Sidewall gratings providing the lasing feedback are defined in the silicon-nitride layer using 248 nm stepper lithography, while the gain is provided by a reactive co-sputtered erbium-doped aluminum-oxide layer. We observe lasing output(More)
Crocodilians are amphibious reptiles which hunt prey both on land and in water. Previous refractive and anatomical studies have suggested that their eyes can focus objects in air and that their ability to refocus the eye underwater may be limited. Examination of the plane of focus of six species of crocodilians both in air and underwater has revealed that(More)
A broadband superluminescent III-V-on-silicon light-emitting diode (LED) was realized. To achieve the large bandwidth, quantum well intermixing and multiple die bonding of InP on a silicon photonic waveguide circuit were combined for the first time, to the best of our knowledge. The device consists of four sections with different bandgaps, centered around(More)
In this work we present the first fully-integrated free-space beam-steering chip using the hybrid silicon platform. The photonic integrated circuit (PIC) consists of 164 optical components including lasers, amplifiers, photodiodes, phase tuners, grating couplers, splitters, and a photonic crystal lens. The PIC exhibited steering over 23° x 3.6° with beam(More)
Here we experimentally demonstrate room temperature, continuous-wave (CW), 2.0 μm wavelength lasers heterogeneously integrated on silicon. Molecular wafer bonding of InP to Si is employed. These hybrid silicon lasers operate CW up to 35°C and emit up to 4.2 mW of single-facet CW power at room temperature. III-V tapers transfer light from a hybrid(More)
Free-space beam steering using optical phased arrays is a promising method for implementing free-space communication links and Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) without the sensitivity to inertial forces and long latencies which characterize moving parts. Implementing this approach on a silicon-based photonic integrated circuit adds the additional(More)