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PURPOSE To determine whether women with Turner syndrome who were treated with estrogen were more likely to have osteoporosis and fractures. METHODS Areal bone density at the lumbar spine and femoral neck was measured in 40 adult women with Turner syndrome and 43 age-matched healthy women using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. Histories of estrogen(More)
Recent reports describe hematopoietic abnormalities in mice with targeted instability of the mitochondrial genome. However, these abnormalities have not been fully described. We demonstrate that mutant animals develop an age-dependent, macrocytic anemia with abnormal erythroid maturation and megaloblastic changes, as well as profound defects in(More)
We document our initial eeorts to instantiate visually-guided cooperative behaviors between robotic agents in the minifactory environment. Minifactory incorporates high-precision 2-DOF robotic agents to perform micron-level precision 4-DOF assembly tasks. Here we utilize two minifactory agents to perform visual ser-voing. We present a detailed description(More)
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