Michael L. Bryant

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Structural comparison of the major envelope glycoproteins (gp70) from 35 different murine type C viruses and free gp70 expressed at various anatomical sites in the mouse showed that the gp70s are polymorphic products of a large multi-gene family encoding viral and differentiation antigens. Different proviruses are expressed in cells following distinct(More)
A unique series of simple "unnatural" nucleosides has been discovered to inhibit hepatitis B virus (HBV) replication. Through structure-activity analysis it was found that the 3'-OH group of the beta-L-2'-deoxyribose of the beta-L-2'-deoxynucleoside confers specific antihepadnavirus activity. The unsubstituted nucleosides beta-L-2'-deoxycytidine,(More)
Simian acquired immune deficiency syndrome (SAIDS) in the macaque genus of monkeys at the California Primate Research Center is apparently caused by infection by a type D retrovirus. The complete nucleotide sequence (8173 base pairs) of a molecular clone of the prototype SAIDS virus isolate, SRV-1, reveals a typical retrovirus structure with long terminal(More)
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