Michael L. Alles

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In this paper we report on the approach we have developed and the lessons we have learned in an implementation of the monitoring and control layer for continuous monitoring of business process controls (CMBPC) in the US internal IT audit department of Siemens Corporation. The architecture developed by us implements a completely independent CMBPC system(More)
This paper examines the potential relationships of Continuous Auditing and Emergency Preparedness to the design, development, and implementation of Emergency Response Management Information Systems (ERMIS). It develops an argument for the integration of emergency response processes and continuous decision process auditing requirements into the system(More)
The umbrella of “advanced technology” covers a range of techniques widely used in the U.S. to provide strategic advantage in a very competitive business environment. There is an enormous amount of information contained within current-generation information systems, some of which is even processed on a real-time basis. More importantly, the same holds true(More)
Two 32nm SOI single-event upset test chips have been irradiated at LBNL and TAMU heavy ion test facilities. The test chips include unhardened and RHBD designs such as DICE, LEAP DICE, and stacking devices. SEU cross-section data are presented for the hardened and unhardened flip-flop designs across test facility, beam tune, angle of incidence, and clock(More)
ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would first of all like to thank Dr. Schrimpf for his continual support, confidence, and guidance throughout this project. Not only has Dr. Schrimpf been a tremendous source of assistance and encouragement, but I would not even be a graduate student if it were not for Dr. Schrimpf's quick responses to my numerous e-mails, and his(More)