Michael Krüger

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Wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks play a vital role in an ever-growing number of applications ranging from environmental monitoring over vehicular communication to home automation. Security and privacy issues pose a big challenge for the widespread adoption of these networks, especially in the automotive domain. The two most essential security services(More)
Even though knowledge management has been around for more than a decade, so far concrete instruments that can be systematically deployed are still rare. This paper presents an optimization solution targeted at flexible management of office space considering knowledge management criteria in order to enhance knowledge work productivity. The paper presents the(More)
Ever-growing mobility and ubiquitous wireless Internet access raise the need for secure communication with devices that may be severely constrained in terms of processing power, memory capacity and network speed. In this paper we describe a lightweight implementation of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol with a focus on small code size and low memory(More)
In this paper we show that the Inverse problems of HAMILTONIAN CYCLE and 3D-MATCHING are coNP complete. This completes the study of inverse problems of the six natural NP-complete problems from [GJ79] and answers an open question from [Ch03]. We classify the inverse complexity of the natural verifier for HAMIL-TONIAN CYCLE and 3D-MATCHING by showing(More)