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An important factor for the acceptance of spoken dialogue systems is their ability to react flexibly on misunderstandings between user and system. This paper addresses the issue of grounding utterances in task-oriented human-computer dialogues. It focuses on the aspect of handling ambiguities while parsing word lattices from a speech recognizer: The parser(More)
Different synthetic routes leading to terpyridines functionalised with furan heterocycles are reviewed. The methodologies used to prepare such compounds include the ring closure of 1,5-diketones and cross-coupling reactions. These versatile terpyridines and their derived metal complexes find applications in various fields including coordination chemistry,(More)
The CuI- or Ag₂CO₃-catalyzed [3+2] cycloaddition of propargyl-substituted dihydroisoindolin-1-one (3) with arylnitrile oxides 1a-d (Ar = Ph, p-MeC₆H₄, p-MeOC₆H₄, p-ClC₆H₄) produces in good yields novel 3,5-disubstituted isoxazoles 4 of the ethyl-2-benzyl-3-oxo-1-((3-arylisoxazol-5yl)methyl)-2,3-dihydro-1H-isoindole-1-carboxylate type. With aryl azides 2a-d(More)
The title compound, C12H10Br2N2O2, represents an example of a planar π-con-jugated 2-aza-butadiene mol-ecule, which is both an inter-esting starting material for further organic transformations and a potential ligand in organometallic coordination chemistry. Its metric mol-ecular parameters are typical for the family of 2-aza-buta-1,3-dienes not substituted(More)
The title compound, [Cu2I2(CH3CN)4], exhibits a centrosymmetric Cu2I2 core [Cu⋯Cu distance = 2.7482 (11) Å], the Cu(I) atoms of which are further coordinated by four mol-ecules of aceto-nitrile. The Cu(I) atom has an overall distorted tetra-hedral coordination environment evidenced by L-Cu-L angles (L = N or I) ranging from 100.47 (10) to 117.06 (2)°. The(More)
The title compound, [FePt(C12H10P)(C13H13Si)(C18H15P)2(CO)3]·0.5CH2Cl2, represents an example of a phosphido-bridged heterobimetallic silyl complex; these are inter-esting precursors for the coordination and activation of small unsaturated organic mol-ecules. The μ2-PPh2 ligand spans the iron and platinum atoms, which are connected via a metal-metal bond of(More)
The centrosymmetric dinuclear title compound, [Cu2I2(C2H6OS)2(C18H15P)2], represents the first example of a CuI complex ligated by an O-bound dimethyl sulfoxide ligand. In the crystal, the two tetrahedrally coordinated Cu(I) atoms are bridged by two μ2-iodido ligands in an almost symmetrical rhomboid geometry. The loose Cu⋯Cu contact of 2.9874 (8) Å is(More)