Michael Knoll

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BACKGROUND Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) can be degraded by many microorganisms using intra- or extracellular PHA depolymerases. PHA depolymerases are very diverse in sequence and substrate specificity, but share a common alpha/beta-hydrolase fold and a catalytic triad, which is also found in other alpha/beta-hydrolases. RESULTS The PHA Depolymerase(More)
—This paper presents a high-performance maximum power point tracker (MPPT) optimized for fast cloudy conditions, e.g., rapidly changing irradiation on the photovoltaic panels. The rapidly changing conditions are tracked by an optimized hill– climbing MPPT method called dP-P&O. This algorithm separates the effects of the irradiation change from the effect of(More)
SUMMARY The Cytochrome P450 Engineering Database (CYPED) has been designed to serve as a tool for a comprehensive and systematic comparison of protein sequences and structures within the vast and diverse family of cytochrome P450 monooxygenases (CYPs). The CYPED currently integrates sequence and structure data of 3911 and 25 proteins, respectively. Proteins(More)
It is common for firms to issue or purchase options on the firm's own stock. Examples include convertible bonds, warrants, call options as employee compensation , and the sale of put options as part of share repurchase programs. This paper shows that option positions with implicit borrowing—such as put sales and call purchases—are tax-disadvantaged relative(More)
iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to acknowledge all of those who made this project possible, beginning with the members of my committee, including Dr. Christofer Cooper and Dr. Steven Brown, for providing the guidance to see it to completion. I would especially like to thank my committee chair, Dr. Elizabeth Vera, whose supervision throughout my time at(More)
Samuel Zell's acquisition of the Tribune Company in December 2007 using an S corporation employee stock ownership plan (S ESOP) brought S ESOPs to national attention. An S ESOP is a trust that holds shares of an S corporation (a closely held corporation whose shareholders are taxed on a pass-through basis similarly to partners in a partnership) for the(More)
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