Michael Knight

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BACKGROUND Delirium is the most frequent complication associated with hospitalization of older adults, responsible for 17.5 million additional hospital days in the United States each year; yet, nurses fail to recognize it more than 30% of the time. OBJECTIVES The specific aim of the study was to measure staff nurses' recognition of delirium in(More)
Ingestion of fireflies of the genus Photinus (Lampyridae) can be lethal to Australian lizards of the genus Pogona (Agamidae), probably because of the poisonous steroidal pyrones (lucibufagins) that these fireflies contain. One Photinus may suffice to kill a Pogona. Captive Pogona kept as pets need to be shielded from firefly ingestion. African chameleons(More)
Using electronic voting systems is divisive as some countries used such systems and others did not. Electronic voting (e-voting) is relatively a new concept based on its application that aims at reducing errors and improving the convenience and integrity of election process. This paper tried to explore the factors that influence the adoption of such systems(More)
The widespread use and availability of calcium channel blockers in human and veterinary medicine pose a risk for inadvertent pet exposure to these medications. Clinical signs can be delayed by many hours after exposure in some cases, with hypotension and cardiac rhythm changes (bradycardia, atrioventricular block, or tachycardia) as the predominant signs.(More)
T-Cube Web Interface is a generic tool to visualize and manipulate large scale multivariate time series datasets. The interface allows the user to execute complex queries quickly and to run various types of statistical tests on the loaded data. We show its utility in an important application scenario: real-time bio-surveillance system designed to support(More)