Michael Knappmeyer

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—In the scope of ubiquitous computing, one of the key issues is the awareness of context, which includes diverse aspects of the user's situation including his activities, physical surroundings, location, emotions and social relations, device and network characteristics and their interaction with each other. This contextual knowledge is typically acquired(More)
This paper presents a modular context provisioning middleware for the support of ubiquitous services and applications, entitled C-ProMiSE (" Context Provisioning Middleware with Support for Evolving Awareness "). Special emphasis is put on a smartphone application which serves the middleware with primitive context originating from diverse physical, virtual(More)
In ubiquitous computing the provisioning of context-aware services is typically aided by a context provisioning middleware. The essential functionalities undertaken by the middleware include distributed data acquisition from sensors, context modelling, context synthesis, reasoning and context dissemination. This paper focuses on the evaluation methodologies(More)