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The prediction of protein sub-cellular localization is an important step toward elucidating protein function. For each query protein sequence, LocTree2 applies machine learning (profile kernel SVM) to predict the native sub-cellular localization in 18 classes for eukaryotes, in six for bacteria and in three for archaea. The method outputs a score that(More)
In high-performance computing applications, a high-level I/O call will trigger activities on a multitude of hardware components. These are massively parallel systems supported by huge storage systems and internal software layers. Their complex interplay currently makes it impossible to identify the causes for and the locations of I/O bottlenecks. Existing(More)
Analyzing the scheduling behavior of an operating system becomes more and more interesting because multichip mainboards and Multi-Core CPUs are available for a wide variety of computer systems. Those system can range from a few CPU cores to thousands of cores. Up to now there is no tool available to visualize the scheduling behavior of a system running(More)
Digital instruments and simulations are creating an ever-increasing amount of data. The need for institutions to acquire these data and transfer them for analysis, visualiza-tion, and archiving is growing as well. In parallel, networking technology is evolving, but at a much slower rate than our ability to create and store data. Single fiber 100 Gbps(More)