Michael Kluck

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Topic creation and relevance assessment are considered as crucial components of the evaluation process in Information Retrieval (IR). In the context of the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF), the focus lies on evaluating multilingual functions of IR systems. Therefore, topics are generated in various languages and judging the documents delivered by the(More)
The Project German Indexing and Retrieval Test Data base (GIRT) provides a framework for the comparison of indexing and retrieval systems using German scientific information which is based on the social sciences. The aims and methods of the test environment are described. Some results of the pre-test, which was carried out with the retrieval systems(More)
Dieses Dokument wird unter folgender creative commons Lizenz veröffentlicht: Abstract: The motivations behind the creation of the GIRT test database are described and an overview of the structure of the different versions of GIRT and their use is given. The way in which GIRT has been employed in various information science contexts form 1997 to 2003 is then(More)