Michael Klaus Bohlmann

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Up to a quarter of ovarian masses originate from germ cells, and many of these are mature cystic teratomas. The secondary development of malignancy is a rare but well-known phenomenon in patients with ovarian teratomas. Squamous-cell carcinoma accounts for 80% of secondary malignant transformations of ovarian teratomas. We aimed to do an up-to-date(More)
Cancer in pregnancy is a rare circumstance. However, the coincidence of pregnancy and malignancy is supposed to increase due to a general tendency of postponing childbearing to older age. To date, clinical guidelines are scarce and experience regarding therapeutic management is limited to case reports. This review focuses on general diagnostic and(More)
Hysterectomy remains the most common major gynecological operation. This is the first study that describes a new technique of TLH without using any kind of uterine manipulator or vaginal tube (TLHwM) and analyzes the intra- and postoperative surgical outcome of the first 67 cases. Between October 2008 and December 2009, 67 patients underwent TLH without(More)
Die Hysterektomie ist einer der häufigsten gynäkologischen Eingriffe. Die Gebärmutter kann abdominal, vaginal, laparoskopisch assistiert – per laparoskopisch assistierter vaginaler Hysterektomie (LAVH) –, suprazervikal laparoskopisch oder total laparoskopisch entfernt werden. Die am weitesten verbreitete Methode ist die abdominale Hysterektomie. Studien(More)
To determine the protective effect of gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogs (GnRHa) using several ultrasound and endocrine markers to detect ultrastructural ovarian damage in Hodgkin’s lymphoma patients. Ten patients who had been treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma and had received GnRHa to protect ovarian function were matched with patients at similar age, who(More)
BACKGROUND A daily injection of low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH) is often prescribed to women with unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL), although evidence suggesting a benefit is questionable. OBJECTIVE To determine whether LMWH increases ongoing pregnancy and live-birth rates in women with unexplained RPL. DESIGN Controlled, multicenter trial(More)
Antithrombin (AT) deficiency is a rare hereditary thrombophilia with a mean prevalence of 0.02 % in the general population, associated with a more than ten-fold increased risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE). Within this multicenter retrospective clinical analysis, female patients with inherited AT deficiency were evaluated concerning the type of(More)
To evaluate the impact of young maternal age on labour, intrapartum assessment and delivery mode. A retrospective cohort analysis was conducted of 13,941 deliveries at a tertiary delivery unit between 2000 and 2009. Patients aged less than 18 years were compared with patients aged 18 years or older. The main outcome was defined as mode of delivery.(More)
BACKGROUND Postpartal choriocarcinoma is a rare complication of pregnancy, which usually responds well to chemotherapy, even in advanced stages. Metastatic heart involvement typically characterizes a widely advanced disease, requiring palliative treatment. CASE A 41-year-old woman with disseminated choriocarcinoma following a full-term pregnancy presented(More)