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Acknowledgments All praise to Allah who created me, gifted me with a healthy body and brain to work and think and provided me with the opportunities to excel in the life. This work is carried out during my stay at the Institute of Automatic Control and Complex Systems (AKS), University of Duisburg-Essen for acquiring my Ph.D degree. I owe my deepest(More)
Using a supermarket refrigeration system as an illustrative example, the paper postulates that by appropriately utilising knowledge of plant operation, the plant wide performance can be optimised based on a small set of variables. Focusing on steady state operations, the total system performance is shown to predominantly be influenced by the suction(More)
In this study, a systematic numerical procedure for identifying the model parameters of simulated moving bed (SMB) separation processes is developed. The parameters are first estimated by minimizing a weighted least-squares criterion using experimental data from batch experiments, e.g. the time evolution of the concentration of elution peaks. Then, a(More)
1. A generally applicable method is described for obtaining experimental data on the interactions between a poorly water-soluble ligand and soluble binding factors, with the use of chemically inert solid adsorbent. The equilibrium distribution of the ligand between the liquid phase containing the soluble binders and the adsorbent must be measured and(More)
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