Michael Kenzel

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In this paper we present Softshell, a novel execution model for devices composed of multiple processing cores operating in a single instruction, multiple data fashion, such as graphics processing units (GPUs). The Softshell model is intuitive and more flexible than the kernel-based adaption of the stream processing model, which is currently the dominant(More)
Figure 1: With our parallel approach to procedural architecture, large cities can be generated in less than a second on the GPU. The city overview shows a scene with 38 000 low-detail buildings generated in 290 ms (left). The 520 buildings in the skyscraper scene consist of 1.5 million terminal shapes evaluating to 8 million vertices and 4 million(More)
In this paper, we present Whippletree, a novel approach to scheduling dynamic, irregular workloads on the GPU. We introduce a new programming model which offers the simplicity and expressiveness of task-based parallelism while retaining all aspects of the multi-level execution hierarchy essential to unlocking the full potential of a modern GPU. At the same(More)
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