Michael Kenny

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To estimate the amount of misuse of and dependence on nicotine gum in an over-the-counter (OTC) setting, we conducted two telephone surveys of smokers recruited by newspaper ads. Study 1 surveyed 266 U.S. ever-smokers using OTC gum to determine the percentage who used the gum for noncessation reasons or used gum and cigarettes concurrently. In Study 1, 6%(More)
Two samples of adult daily smokers completed a structured interview to determine nicotine dependence according to generic (DSM-IV/ICD-10), Fagerström [Fagerström Tolerance Questionnaire (FTQ), Fagerström Test for Nicotine Dependence (FTND), Heavy Smoking Index (HSI), and time to first cigarette after awakening (TFC)], consumption [e.g., cigarettes/day(More)
Fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome (FXTAS) is a neurodegenerative disorder associated with a premutation trinucleotide repeat expansion in the fragile X mental retardation 1 gene. Symptoms include gait ataxia, action tremor, and cognitive impairment. The objectives of the study were to clarify the nature of the dysexecutive syndrome observed in(More)
  • M G Kenny
  • The Journal of nervous and mental disease
  • 1983
This paper examines the validity of Dr. R. C. Simons' resolution (Simons, R. C. The resolution of the latah paradox. J. Nerv. Ment. Dis., 168: 195-206, 1980) of the so-called latah paradox. Latah, a Malay condition precipitated by sudden fright and involving compulsive obscenity and mimesis, was found to be closely related to local cultural values; yet a(More)
"Multiple personality" remains surrounded with a halo of the occult, and, as a rare exotic, fits uneasily into the framework of modern psychotherapy. Yet, the spirit-possession phenomena which it so closely resembles are widely distributed and commonly reported; and therefore, from the comparative perspective of anthropology, the truly interesting question(More)
In 1974 a British biologist, John Randal Baker (1900-1984), published a large and controversial book simply entitled Race that reiterated persistent eugenicist themes concerning the relation between race, intelligence, and progress. The history of Baker's book is a case study in the politics of scientific publishing, and his ideas influenced scholars(More)
The Pioneer Fund was created in 1937 "to conduct or aid in conducting study and research into problems of heredity and eugenics . . . and problems of race betterment with special reference to the people of the United States." The Fund was endowed by Colonel Wickliffe Preston Draper, a New England textile heir, and perpetuates his legacy through an active(More)
In 1941 a proposal was made to Nazi SS Reichsführer, Heinrich Himmler, that extracts of a South American plant, Dieffenbachia seguine, might be used for the mass sterilization of racially undesirable war prisoners. The proposal was based on published animal fertility research conducted by Dr Gerhard Madaus, co-founder of a firm that produced and marketed(More)
  • M G Kenny
  • Culture, medicine and psychiatry
  • 1978
This paper examines the symbolic properties and cultural relevance of latah, a behavioral state noted in Malay and Indonesia since the 19th Century. Most interpretations of latah have been psychological, latah being perceived as a 'mental disorder.' In the following, it is concluded that latah is intimately related to other aspects of Malayo-Indonesian(More)
This article explores the political and intellectual context of a controversy arising from a proposal made at the 1959 meetings of the American Society of Blood Banks to divide the blood supply by race. The authors, a group of blood-bankers and surgeons in New York, outlined difficulties in finding compatible blood for transfusion during open-heart surgery,(More)