Michael Kempf

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Microtubule-associated protein tau is localized to the axon in situ and has been implicated in the development of neuronal polarity. Here we report that tau is extracted differentially in cultured hippocampal neurons yielding an axon-specific localization under conditions that keep the integrity of the plasma membrane. The amount of bound tau increases(More)
To determine the effect of neurotrophins on the survival and morphological differentiation of CNS neurons, we examined NT2-N cells, which provide a unique culture model for terminally differentiated and polar human neurons. Here we report the development of conditions for the long-term culture of NT2-N cells in low density and in chemically defined medium.(More)
In this paper a generic degradation model based on Dynamic Bayesian Networks (DBN) which predicts the condition of technical systems is presented. Besides handling bi-directional reasoning, a major benefit of using DBNs is its capability to adequately model stochastic processes. We assume that the behavior of the degradation can be represented as a(More)
Plant and system operators are looking for reliable products meeting high technical requirements while providing maximum economic benefit throughout the life cycle. Calculating life cycle costs different operating conditions have to be considered to provide reliable decision making assistance. If data for a direct probability measurement may not be(More)
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