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Acute organophosphate pesticide poisonings cause substantial morbidity and mortality world wide; however, whether organophosphates cause chronic neurological sequelae has not been established. To see whether single episodes of acute unintentional organophosphate intoxication lead to chronic neuropsychological dysfunction, we carried out a retrospective(More)
By definition, an ensemble is a set of surfaces or volumes derived from a series of simulations or experiments. Sometimes the series is run with different initial conditions for one parameter to determine parameter sensitivity. The understanding and identification of visual similarities and differences among the shapes of members of an ensemble is an acute(More)
A detailed assessment of intra- and inter-reader variation in the interpretation of brain SPECT scans has been performed. A random sample was selected from scans performed at a community/teaching hospital in Seattle. Scans were interpreted independently by three experienced readers who were blinded to all patient information. Forty-eight scans were(More)
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