Michael Keaney

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If the exclusive promotion of values inimical to our basic humanity extends to the health care policy arena, we face a defensive, restricted, impersonal and ultimately impoverished health care system. Americans know it already as ‘managed-care’. This is why it is crucial for health policy analysts to make explicit the role of values in policy-making,(More)
The increasing popularity of economic evaluation methods, especially cost effectiveness analysis, brings with it the danger of decisions being made on the basis of faulty criteria. This paper explores the underlying faults of orthodox economics, and offers tentatively an alternative means of decision appraisal via John Dewey’s philosophy of instrumentalism(More)
The purpose of the chapter is to investigate how far Rae is representative of the Scottish Political Economy Tradition, where tradition is understood in terms of continuity in a shared approach, allowing for theoretical differences. While Rae conforms to most features identified with the Scottish tradition, his opposition to Smith’s methodology suggests a(More)
Clinical practice guidelines are increasingly being recognised as integral to the clinical effectiveness agenda. According to the recent Scottish White Paper, Scotland "leads the way in clinical effectiveness". The Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN), established in 1993, has produced over 20 clinical practice guidelines, and plans to produce(More)
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