Michael Kappeler

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Transgenic flies are generated by transposon-mediated transformation. A drawback of this approach is the size limit of transposable elements. Here, we propose a novel method that allows the extension of transgenes in vivo. This method is based on an incomplete transgene that has been constructed in vitro and integrated into the Drosophila genome by(More)
DNA double strand breaks (DSB) can be repaired either via a sequence independent joining of DNA ends or via homologous recombination. We established a detection system in Drosophila melanogaster to investigate the impact of sequence constraints on the usage of the homology based DSB repair via single strand annealing (SSA), which leads to recombination(More)
Seventy-five patients with obstructing esophagogastric malignancies were palliatively treated by fiberendoscopic insertion of prosthetic tubes. The indications for endoscopic intubation are discussed, the procedure is described. The mortality rate was 6.6%. Complications were obstructions due to food impaction (10), tumor overgrowth (5) or mucosa folds (3),(More)
We present a simple method for gastroscopy in the anesthetized rat using an implanted gastric cannula, a standard rigid arthroscope, and a newly designed valve system. The method allows high-quality endoscopy and photo documentation, large-size biopsies, electrocoagulation and fluid collection. Repeated gastroscopy in the same animal is easy and well(More)
In a 37-year-old patient with Ménétrier's disease, 51Cr-albumin and alpha 1-antitrypsin (alpha 1-AT) output was measured simultaneously in gastric juice and feces. While the 51Cr-albumin studies demonstrated a threefold increase in gastrointestinal protein loss, alpha 1-AT was found in normal quantities in gastric juice and feces. The histamine H2(More)
1. Rabbits were actively immunized aganist angiotensin II (AII). 2. Basal plasma aldosterone concentration was 0-058 plus or minus 0-027 pmol/ml (20-7 plus or minus 9-6 pg/ml) (mean plus or minus SD) in immunized and 0-056 plus or minus 0-021 pmol/ml (20-2 plus or minus 7-5 pe. When the endogenous formation of AII was stimulated by frusemide, by haemorrhage(More)
The incidence of gastric cancer in Switzerland has decreased remarkable in the last fifty years and now constitutes 4% of all newly diagnosed neoplasms. Nutrition plays an important role in the pathogenesis of this tumor. The pathology, natural history and the staging of stomach cancer are reviewed, with special emphasis on early gastric cancer.(More)