Michael Kaplan

Yami Shapira1
Joerg M Schaefer1
Henry Baird1
J D Tygar1
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Previous work in the hidden-surface problem has revealed two key concepts. First, the removal of non-visible surfaces is essentially a sorting problem. Second, some form of coherence is essential for the efficient solution of this problem. In order to provide real-time simulations, it is not only the amount of sorting which must be reduced, but the total(More)
Understanding the timings of interhemispheric climate changes during the Holocene, along with their causes, remains a major problem of climate science. Here, we present a high-resolution 10Be chronology of glacier fluctuations in New Zealand's Southern Alps over the past 7000 years, including at least five events during the last millennium. The extents of(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the relation between statin therapy, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression, vascular leakage, and CNV size in experimentally induced choroidal neovascularization (CNV). METHODS Wild-type (C57 Bl/6J) mice received pitavastatin 0.18 mg/kg per day (group 1), 1.8 mg/kg per day (group 2) or 18 mg/kg per day (group 3) for 3(More)
BACKGROUND Current strategies for follow up of murine models of liver disease are flawed by inability to continuously monitor disease progression in the tissue level, and necessitate sacrifice of animals for tissue sampling. AIMS In this study we aimed at developing a safe repetitive tool for sampling livers in vivo, by utilization of a miniaturized(More)