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In the laboratory setup, a borehole traverses a dry sandstone formation, which is subjected to a controlled uniaxial stress in the direction perpendicular to the borehole axis. Measurements are made in a single loading-unloading stress cycle from zero to 10 MPa and then back down to zero stress. The applied stress and the presence of the borehole induce(More)
The Routley-Meyer relational semantics for relevant logics is extended to give a sound and complete model theory for many propositionally quantified relevant logics (and some non-relevant ones). This involves a restriction on which sets of worlds are admissible as propositions, and an interpretation of propositional quantification that makes ∀pA true when(More)
I tend to agree with Professor Borsboom that psychology, and more generally the social sciences, could benefit from better psychometric modeling. However, if psychometric developments are to have more effect on everyday practice in psychology, psychometricians probably need to pay more attention to the substantive and methodological problems in various(More)
Throat pain is a common presenting complaint in the pediatric emergency department and often occurs secondary to non-life-threatening conditions. Certain etiologies may initially appear benign, but if not recognized and treated, may result in airway compromise. Patients with blunt trauma to the neck may present with throat pain. This is an uncommon(More)
THE EFFECT OF COGNITIVE LOAD ON LIARS AND TRUTH TELLERS: EXPLORING THE MODERATING IMPACT OF WORKING MEMORY CAPACITY by Sarah Jordan Adviser: Maria Hartwig Two studies are presented. The purpose of the first study is to examine the moderating impact of working memory capacity (WMC) on the cognitive load produced by both the type of statement a person is(More)
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Practice analyses, in which professional practitioners describe their work, provide essential content-related validity evidence for licensure and certification tests by providing an empirical base for the test plan. This paper examines the precision of the category weights generated by practice analyses employing activity inventories. The standard errors in(More)
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