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Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks based on Network Time Protocol (NTP) amplification, which became prominent in December 2013, have received significant global attention. We chronicle how this attack rapidly rose from obscurity to become the dominant large DDoS vector. Via the lens of five distinct datasets, we characterize the advent and(More)
One challenge in understanding the evolution of Internet infrastructure is the lack of systematic mechanisms for monitoring the extent to which allocated IP addresses are actually used. Address utilization has been monitored via actively scanning the entire IPv4 address space. We evaluate the potential to leverage passive network traffic measurements in(More)
We report the results of a study to collect and analyze IPv6 Internet background radiation. This study, the largest of its kind, collects unclaimed traffic on the IPv6 Internet by announcing five large covering prefixes; these cover the majority of allocated IPv6 space on today's Internet. Our analysis characterizes the nature of this traffic across(More)
For more than a decade, unsolicited traffic sent to unused regions of the address space has provided valuable insight into malicious Internet activities. In this paper, we explore the utility of this traffic, known as Internet Background Radiation (IBR), for a different purpose: as a data source of Internet-wide measurements. We collect and analyze IBR from(More)
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